International Standards

In its constant support to the most influential international standardization committees (IEC and CENELEC), Diamond moved forward with new proposals for two new standards during the recent IEC meeting in Kona, USA.


On the connectors & components front, the standardization of the multipurpose HE-2000 connector passed the screening of the experts’ restricted committee and will likely become official at the next plenary meeting this fall in Vladivostock, RU.


On the test & measurement methods front, Diamond will extend its guiding role by leading the group of international experts in charge of the consolidation of all measurement procedures in the field of polarization maintaining (PM) elements. A more accurate characterization approach that Diamond has been applying to its products for more than 20 years is bound to become the new reference standard test method.

Still about the test & measurement standards, it is worth mentioning that the long-lasting controversy about the applicability of visual inspection methods to infer the optical performance of connectors has taken an crucial point: visual inspection will no longer be accepted as a substitute test method for insertion and return loss (IL & RL) direct measurements.