International Standards

Diamond has been an active member of the most influential international standardization committees (IEC, CENELEC,) from the very beginning of the application of optical fibers and fiber connectors to telecommunication systems. Since then, Diamond has been participating in these activities at various levels and on several fronts.


We have elevated the composite ferrule with its exclusive metal insert to the same standard as the conventional monoblock ferrules. In addition, Diamond has standardized all of its unique designs and features like the E-2000™, F-3000™, DiaLink connector families, and the multi-channel version MFS. Our 22nd anniversary of participation in the international normalization committees will be celebrated with the introduction of the multipurpose HE-2000™ connector into the IEC standards.


In addition to fiber components, Diamond has also been a key player in the definition and standardization of various measurement procedures. As such, the IEC has recently decided to review and update all existing documents related to the characterization of polarization maintaining (PM) fibers. Due to our recognized and extensive experience in the PM field, Diamond will lead the group of International experts that will propose a new, modern, and efficient standard that shall govern the characterization of the most important parameters that describe the performance of PM fibers; i.e. the polarization extinction ratio (PER) and the orientation angle.


This innovative approach, which Diamond has been applying to its products for more than 20 years, has been recommended as the new international standard at the IEC international meeting in Kona (HI, USA).