E-2000™ Compact

Fiber to the desk (FTTD) is the requirement for an increasing number of cabling installations. Tipically they support multimedia environments including voice, data and image transmission.
The E-2000™ Compact covers all needs in this application area and offers: compatibility to RJ 45 standard dimensions - positive lachting mechanism with interchangeable color-coded and mechanically keyed thumb-latch - integrated spring loaded protective caps.
Standard, E-2000™ Compact mating adapter with interchangeable modular mounting brackets. (Special brackets upon request) The innovative design permits dense packing and offers: - spring-loaded metal protection shutters - high precision alignment sleeve (zirconia) - interchangeable colour- and mechanical-coded frames. Following colours are available: Green, blue, beige, black, red, orange, yellow, white, violet.
Diamond E-2000™ components are EtO-sterilizable and, with optional O-ring seals, IP65-rated, meeting today’s requirements for safety, reliability, and quality in biomedical markets and applications subject to special environmental conditions.