EPIC Workshop 12-13 June 2017

Workshop on Speciality Fibres for Harsh Environment hosted by DIAMOND SA

Optical fibre changed the world with millions of kilometres of telecommunication fibre that have spanned the world and ultimately transformed the means by which we communicate. But beyond telecommunications, optical fibres are making a big impact in other fields such as structural health monitoring, bio-medical laser delivery systems, military gyrosensors, automotive lighting and control, oil-well down-hole pressure sensing, intra-aortic catheters, high power lasers, micro-gravity… The requirements imposed by these non-telecom applications have resulted of a new subset of custom-tailored optical fibres commonly known as “specialty fibres” which have their material and structure properties modified to render them with new properties and characteristics.


The manufacturing, application fields, as well as connectors to operate under the desired environments will be discussed on the following “specialty fibre” related-technologies:


Advances and new developments in specialty fibres:

  • Multi-core fibres
  • Photonic crystal fibres, Microstructured fibres
  • fibre lasers
  • Non-silica fibres
  • Nonlinear optics
  • Special fibre components and applications
  • fibres sensors
  • Industrial applications


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