International Standards

In its constant support to the most influential international standardization committees during this past quarter Diamond participated to the IEC plenary session and to the annual EN meeting.

At the beginning of October in Vladivostok (RU) the IEC committee responsible for optical connectors & components accepted unanimously the submission of the multipurpose HE-2000 connector for general review and vote. The publication of the standard on the HE-2000 connector is therefore expected early next year.  On the test & measurement methods front, Diamond’s proposal for more accurate measurement procedures in the field of polarization maintaining (PM) elements also passed the scrutiny of the IEC committee and its now moving forward to for general review and vote.


Diamond also participated to the EN meeting in Chamonix (FR) focusing on standard for the aerospace industry (D2/S10). There, in collaboration with Amphenol-Socapex, Diamond is pursuing the standardization of a multi-channel lensed connector called Lux-Beam. Of particular interest was also the decision to create a dedicated family of standards specific to space applications as warmly encouraged not only by European but also by North American industries. Due to her worldwide recognized competences in this field, Diamond was invited to participate to the drafting and eventual formalization of these new standards.