DIAMOND OPTICS is the Australian and New Zealand distributor for Diamond: a worldwide leader in supplying high precision fibre optic connectivity solutions. Diamond is known as a dynamic and innovative company, able to develop reliable, customized fibre optic components and equipment to meet the increasingly demanding customer requirements. 

DIAMOND OPTICS also supplies a range of other fibre optic technologies that build upon the value of incorporating the superior performance and high reliability of Diamond connectivity technology. Other solutions include:



Single Photon Source

  • A range of single photon emitters available ranging from visible to infra-red wavelengths
  • Nano-diamond based technology allowing for room temperature operation
  • Primarily designed for commercial Quantum Cryptographic solutions but also used in Research and Metrology applications


Fibre Optic Sensors

  • Point, quasi-distributed and fully distributed fibre optic sensing solutions.
  • Asset integrity monitoring for mining, power. Civil/utilities engineering, military and research applications. 
  • Primarily, fibre Bragg grating based sensor technology solutions
  • Proprietary technologies for high temperature sensing and simultaneous, co-located dual parameter sensing, i.e. temperature and strain.
  • Consultancy service provider from design, sensing cable selection and application, commissioning, data interpretation and on-site or remote service and support, for fully integrated, continuous asset integrity monitoring solution.  




Diamond Optics Pty Ltd
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