The continuous growth in the laser technology has broadened the requirements for more complex and higher performance systems. Specific applications demand the combination of multiple features that allow supporting polarization maintaining (PM) properties in the presence of higher optical power densities.
Diamond offers power solutions...

PSi Free standing

PSi Free standing

Diamond F-SMA PSi connectors are mainly used for medium to high power
laser delivery in industrial, medical and military applications. These connectors
are designed to be used at...

PSm (Power Solution Multimode)

PSm (Power Solution Multimode)

Multimode fibers are increasingly being used to transmit high power and connectors are incorporating a modular design to help eliminate the need for a splice.
Diamond has developed the E-2000™ PSm and DMI PSm products utilizing...


EPIC - Post event report

Post event report about the EPIC workshop on Speciality Fibers for Harsh Environment, hosted by Diamond SA