F-SMA (SMA 905)

Diamond offers two different F-SMA (SMA 905) Multimode connector types, depending on the beam power level and application. The first one is the Standard Version with Multimode 50 μm fiber for telecomm applications, and with large core Multimode fiber with tight mechanical tolerances used
for higher power levels. The second one is the Free standing F-SMA (PSi) version mainly used for medium-high power laser delivery and thermal
management in various applications. The F-SMA PSi version which is a further developed of the existing F-SMA (SMA 905) MM standard connectors,
is typically employed for beam injection of medium-high power Diode Lasers (DL) in order to provide a fiber-optic link between the DL source and
the target. High power transmission is achieved by the copper alloy ferrule and the excellent fiber alignment.