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Mobile Fiber Optic Service

Hundreds of thousands of fiber optic networks are installed all over the world, in long distances and local networks, banks, factory buildings, airports and even in private households. Millions of components are needed to run this fiber optic networks: active as well as passive components. Thousands of new networks are installed every month, and millions of components are taken into service.
For these reasons, Diamond SA has built up a mobile fiber optic service (mfs).



Test and Calibration LAB

The Diamond accredited test and calibration laboratory STS 0333 / SCS 0101 offers following worldwide recognized services:


  • Calibration of fiber optic measurement instruments
  • Measurements and tests on fiber optic components
  • Additional services




Fiber optics offer and request a vast field of applications and requirements. Therefore it's important to increase and improve knowledge. Diamond offers the following In-house training course named: “We bring light into the dark”