Calibration of fibre optic measurement instruments

The accredited test and calibration laboratory STS 0333 / SCS 0101 offers a worldwide recognized calibration service for fibre optic measurement instruments.
We perform the calibration of following fibre optic measurement instruments:

Power meter according to IEC 61315

- Absolute optical power calibration
- Linearity calibration using the superposition system or the comparison method

OTDR with SM and MM modules according to IEC 61746

- Distance scale calibration
- Attenuation scale calibration
At following general conditions:

- Standard wavelengths:
SM 1310 nm / 1550 nm
MM 850 nm / 1310 nm
Other wavelengths upon request 
- Short lead time (2-3 days after receiving the instrument) 
- Official calibration certificate with measurement data and uncertainties and with traceability to national standards.
Additional offered services:

- Light source wavelength and spectrum measurement
- Light source stability measurement
- Instrument shipping service (safe, rapid, no need for special package)
- Periodic instrument recalibration service