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ICSO is the largest meeting worldwide of experts working in all disciplines of Optical, Optoelectronic and Photonic Technologies for Space Applications. The purpose of ICSO is to bring together the Space Optics Community and exchange information and ideas on the Research, Development, Qualification and Flight Experience of using optical technologies for space missions. Technology experts meet Mission experts to address the lessons learnt from past developments and identify the next significant developments in employing light wave technologies and techniques used in all types of Space Missions.
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When: 29 March - 02 April 2021 (postponed)
Where: online / virtual

Diamond Space Solutions

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Fiber optics offer many advantages to conventional electronic systems, but in a harsh environment the use of glass fibers can become nearly impossible. For these demanding applications, DIAMOND SA, a Swiss company, has developed the vibration-proof AVIM™ connector family.

In the nineties, DIAMOND developed the AVIM™ connector for special avionic applications. The vibration/shock environment was preventing the use of the DIN LSA connector in aviation and aerospace applications. The AVIM™ connector was able to cope with these challenges.

A similarly designed, smaller, lighter, connector, the Mini AVIM™, was then developed for a Mars rover. The Mini AVIM™ connector, provides exceptional environmental resistance combined with the outstanding optical performance of DIAMOND’s unique ferrule design and Active Core Alignment (ACA) technology. Micro AVIM™ and Midi AVIM™ have recently been added to the connector family to provide solutions to applications not covered by the existing products.

The AVIM™, Mini AVIM™ and Micro AVIM™ are flying in Space from Mercury to the Earth, roam the surface of Mars on the rover Curiosity and orbit around the Moon. Plans are made to fly up to Jupiter. Increased demand for LEO orbit satellite constellation is changing the approach to Space connectorization in space.

Today, fiber optic sensors are also used to detect material fatigue in infrastructures that are subjected to vibrations and corrosion environment. A multitude of parameters can be measured with these detection systems. The AVIM™ and Midi AVIM™ connectors are the first choice for this kind of applications.

Safety monitoring represents another vast deployment area for fiber optics. Passive sonar systems equipped with opto-acoustic hydrophones are used to monitor ship movements at crucial points in harbors and rivers. High-end outdoor connectors with the best optical performances are particularly important for this kind of analog systems. Environmental conditions rather than connection loss represent the goal of the detection. To avoid potential sources of errors, secure and high-performance fiber optic connections are required. DIAMOND’s outstanding AVIM™ family fulfills all these requirements.

DIAMOND SA proudly announces that the Mini AVIM™ has finally been inserted officially in the ESCC Qualified Parts List (QPL, certificate 355) as of 22 October 2018 and DIAMOND SA as a manufacturer inserted in the list of providers.

We invite you to visit us at our Booth to see this and other DIAMOND solutions. Our specialists would be pleased to discuss your applications and present our latest products and technologies.