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The 5G revolution is upon us and DIAMOND is ready with a series of Fiber To The Antenna (FTTA) dedicated solutions. The new 5G technology will lead to the introduction of dense antenna networks that will boost new Internet of Thing (IoT) services such as Industry 4.0, autonomous vehicles, broadband telecommunications, smart grids and many many other bandwidth consuming applications.

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Multiple In Multiple Out (MIMO) antenna deployments will go hand in hand with new network topologies and new infrastructure installations.

For this purpose, DIAMOND offers a full range of customer-tailored optical interconnect solutions. In particular, the new family of harsh-environment multi-fiber HE-2000™ connectors and modular DM4 solutions meet the special needs derived from 5G technology. The DIAMOND HE-2000™ connector family offers incredible solidity in outdoor environments and makes the optical connections simple due to its easy mating and unique Push-Pull design. HE-2000™, with IP protection 67, is worldwide the only available harsh-environment optical connector with a mechanical cap. This allows the optical connection to remain clean with outstanding insertion and return loss values and optical safety in case of high optical power levels.

HE-2000™ can be provided with single mode or multimode optical fibers and in hybrid configurations with optical and electric pins. Its solid layout allows for huge cost savings on distribution boxes and intermediate optical connections. In addition, it provides a robust and ready-made plug and play solution for network installers. HE-2000™ comes with a full set of practical splicing products for in-field repair and connector construction.

HE-2000™ also supports high power optical signals suitable to power over fiber applications – LASER or LIDAR.

The modular DIAMOND «DM4 multipurpose termini» solution guarantees the high optical performances of the HE-2000™ connector. This offers an additional degree of flexibility and customization for OEM-solutions.

DIAMOND is ready to catch the 5G wave. Are you?

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