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Lensed ferrule vs. Standard contact ferrule

The fast-growing deployment of optical fiber in industrial, avionic, military and transportation applications are leading to the increasing use of optical connectors that provide low insertion loss, ease-of-use and, more important, serviceability. Connector contaminants are the leading cause of power loss and signal degradation, often requiring the continuous need for cleaning. For this reason, DIAMOND has developed a modular, single-mode lensed-ferrule designed to minimize or combat these factors. The new DIAMOND Expanded Beam (XB) lensed ferrule interconnect series provides a non-contact connection that ensures reliable and low maintenance optical connections with insensitivity to dirt and debris.

Features of the XB series Features of a Butt-Joint Connection
  • Insensitive to dirt and debris
  • Easy cleaning
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Non-contact interface
  • Increased mating cycles
  • Excellent transmission performance (IL and RL)
  • Cleaning and visual inspection required
  • Compatible with different fiber technologies

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