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AVIM® Family - connectors built for demanding applications

Fiber optics typically offers many advantages over conventional electrical and electronic systems, but often times a harsh environment can make the use of glass fiber difficult. Fortunately, the Diamond AVIM® connector family is specifically designed and built for these conditions.

The AVIM® family of connectors can be used in a wide variety of applications. These connectors provide exceptional environmental resistance, coupled with high-end optical performance. The evolution of the AVIM® Family of connectors has been driven by the growth of demanding applications. The AVIM® and Midi AVIM® connectors can be used for measuring material behavior, due to external environmental influences often found in harsh environments. They are also widely used for sensor applications that are designed to detect material fatigue, vibration, and corrosion in bridges. Numerous data, such as elongation, inclination, humidity, pH value, temperature, load weight and more can be measured and recorded.

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