• Fiber-optic products

    HE-2000® for demanding applications

HE-2000™ connectors are hybrid, opto-electrical, multi-contact termini developed to operate in harsh environments. The sturdy construction offers excellent performances under extreme temperatures, mechanical stress and in aggressive chemical settings. The push-pull locking mechanism and the automatic protection shutter allow an extreme ease of use of the HE-2000™ connectors and greatly enhance their reliability.

The modular construction accommodates up to four independent, optical and / or electrical termini in a custom reconfigurable arrangement based upon Diamond’s 2.5 mm Alberino ferrule assembly. The same modular construction also allows for easy termination and repair in the field. The HE-2000™ optical termini support MM, SM (PC/APC) small-core fibers, polarization maintaining (PM) fibers, as well as other specialty fiber types and Power solution technologies

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