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  • Improve your application by minimizing Insertion Loss (IL)

One of the primary functions of a fiber optic connector is to provide a seamless optical transmission between fibers, including minimal loss and high repeatability. The leading causes for power loss are fiber-to-fiber eccentricity, contamination at the optical interface, and physical contact. High performance connectors must be able to minimize these factors, which ultimately lead to power loss.

The Diamond Advantage:

  • Ultra-low Insertion Loss (IL)
    • 0.1dB Grade for SM Telecom fibers
    • low IL for small core diameters
  • High Return Loss (RL)
  • Applicable on PM fibers, outperforming IL performance of any other technology
  • Available in all products

In lieu of the widely used Monoblock ferrule, Diamond uses a composite ferrule consisting of a ceramic body with a titanium insert in all connectors. Together with Diamond’s patented Active Core Alignment (ACA) process, which precisely centers the fiber core to the axis of the ferrule to minimize insertion loss values. By controlling the tolerances of fiber core eccentricity and angular misalignment, Diamond is able to determine an optical performance class with guaranteed attenuation values within the 0.1dB class and also applies to any randomly combined connectors of this quality class.

The ACA process is used on both PC and APC terminations with all results (eccentricity, angle, IL, and RL) automatically tracked and logged for each termination. DIAMOND’s “actively aligned” connectors are available in most common body styles and are fully compatible with conventional ceramic connectors.

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