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Fiber optic connectors often must withstand environmental conditions that are typically beyond the capabilities of commercial products. Magnetic Sensing equipment and instruments usually require specific optical fiber connectors necessary to minimize the interaction with magnetic fields and the prevention of magnetic influences on the system. Vacuum environments present similar challenges on fiber optic assemblies. In these environments, the connector materials and assembly processes need to be evaluated and modified in order to reduce outgassing.

DIAMOND offers special assemblies with specific materials and construction for these types of applications. For example, the elastic elements (springs) normally manufactured in steel or stainless steel are exchanged with material possessing very low magnetic susceptibility. For outgassing, the high-end plastic used in our connectors, such as the
E-2000™, aids in the reduction of outgassing.

DIAMOND SA test & calibration laboratory is accredited since March 2002 by the Swiss Accreditation Service SAS as testing laboratory STS 0333 for fiber optic components and as calibration laboratory SCS 0101 for fiber optic measurement instruments in accordance with the standard ISO / IEC 17025:2017. In addition to accredited services, Diamond SA test & calibration laboratory also performs leak rate tests for various applications.

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