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HE-2000™ Push-Pull Connector For Demanding Applications

The DIAMOND HE-2000™ fiber optic connector provides reliability and high-performance using an integrated interlock control contact. This feature offers a great advantage in numerous laser applications where it is preferred to block the laser beam with an external shutter, instead of changing the internal operating parameters of the laser. The HE-2000™ connector is also well suited for high-power applications or other applications where it is important for the laser beam to be interrupted quickly for health and safety reasons.

The DIAMOND HE-2000™ connector is available in multiple configurations, including Power Solution (PS) with expanded beam optical ferrules, single mode (SM) APC or PC fibers or multi-mode (MM) fibers. Furthermore, it supports the following configurations:


  • Fibers with small cores
  • Expanded-beam lensed-ferrules
  • Polarization maintaining (PM) and other specialty fibers
  • Ultra-low loss titanium-terminated ferrules with Active Core Alignment (ACA)
  • First-mate-last-break (FMLB) automatic protection shutter
  • IP class connected: IP-67 rated
  • Push-pull mechanism for easy mating, de-mating and handling
  • Moisture/contamination-protected bulkhead moun