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The Challenge
Harsh environment applications require rugged and reliable components able to withstand adverse conditions that standard commercial connectors and cable assemblies typically cannot endure. Connector contaminants are the leading cause of power loss and signal degradation, often requiring the continuous need for cleaning.

The Solution
Diamond has developed an expanded beam (XB) lensed ferrule designed to minimize or combat these factors. The XB ferrule has a compact form-factor that is compatible with our standard connector bodies (i.e. E-2000®MPOMIL-38999, etc.) and provides low insertion loss, ease-of-use and, more important, serviceability. A non-contact connection ensures reliable and low maintenance optical connections with insensitivity to dirt and debris.

The following short video demonstrates the ease of cleaning the XB ferrule compared to a butt-joint connection

Watch Video (1.42 minute)

Additional features starting this autumn

The XB ferrule is available as a single-mode or multimode 50µm lensed ferrule, as well as a Splice-on SOC Fusion Set for easy on-site repair of damaged interconnections.

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