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    Mating Adapter for High Power

Today’s high-power pump lasers utilize multimode fibers that typically require a low loss fiber optic connection to ensure ultimate performance. Diamond’s newest Power Solution (PSm) mating adapter for multimode fibers is built around a floating Tungsten carbide sleeve, along with copper side brackets to create a high-performance connection between two Diamond E-2000™ PSm connectors. The copper side brackets connect to a heat sink holder and lower the temperature gradient close to the fiber, improving power resistance of the assembly.

The new mating adapter resists up to 100W when combined with Diamond E-2000™ PSm connectors and a 105/125 0.22NA multimode fiber.

Tungsten carbide thermal dissipation is approximately 50x higher than ceramic materials and almost 5x higher than stainless steel. When used in mating adapters with a micron tolerance, the power dissipation improves dramatically. Diamond has years of experience using tungsten carbide (WC) as ferrule material and in mating adapter sleeves.

Features and benefits:

  • Ultra low loss
  • High thermal dissipation
  • Resists up to 100W

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