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    Quality Is Not Happenstance

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

We can all agree that quality is of the utmost importance when working with fiber optics. In a transmission medium thinner than a human hair, where tolerances are measured in microns and nanometers, absolute precision is paramount.

At DIAMOND, we process high-quality ceramic, metal, and plastic components, starting from raw material straight through to the finished product. This operational approach ensures that every component we produce meets the quality, reliability, and performance standards that our customers expect.

DIAMOND is one of the few manufacturers in the fiber optics industry with total control over the material supply chain, along with the processes used to manufacture our products. Except for fiber and cabling, we manufacture every single part of our fiber optic connectors and assemblies in-house, including our high precision bi-component ferrules. This unique ferrule allows us to accurately center the fiber within the ferrule as part of our Active Core Alignment process

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  • Quality Is Not Happenstance
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