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    The Lensed Revolution

Modular and compact lensed ferrule for FO connectors

Diamond has been working in both the commercial and the harsh environment sectors for many years and has created a modular product that makes harsh environment compatible with standard fiber optic connection solutions. For this purpose, a modular and compact ferrule was developed, designed to completely replace the typical 2.5 mm ceramic physical contact (PC) ferrules of standard body, single mode connectors (E-2000™, SC, FC ...).

It’s all about the lens

The alignment of a lens with an optical single mode fiber requires tolerances in the order of microns to guarantee acceptable insertion losses. Diamond utilizes highly integrated technologies, along with a full quality check and vertical control of the entire production line, to produce ultra-tight tolerances and a passive lens-ferrule alignment. A spherical lens and a low-tolerance ceramic ferrule are positioned in an ultra-precise sleeve without requiring further mechanical adjustments. The result is a compact lensed-ferrule, which can be inserted in all of the standard bodies of the most widely used fiber optic connectors.


Diamond launches the XB2 as the first in a line of a revolutionary connector series.  The XB lensed connectors provide absolute robustness, paired with dirt-proof insertion loss and high-power resilience, which are ideal for harsh environments.

Features at a glance

  • noncontact connection
  • low insertion loss
  • high data rate capacity
  • insensitive to dirt
  • easy cleaning
  • high power reliability
  • low risk of damage
  • single mode fibers 9µm
  • field repairable


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