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Whether you are facing travel restrictions, cancelled events, or just working from your home office, Diamond is here to support you. We are available by phone, online meeting, or webinar, to answer questions or provide product training.  We also provide online courses, both standard and customized to meet your specific needs. You see, we are a partner you can count on!

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Diamond is a vertically integrated company, which allows us full control over the materials we use, our supply chain and manufacturing process. We use only high-quality ceramic, metal and plastic components, from raw material to finished product, and they are all processed in-house. Therefore, excluding cables and fibers, we are able to manufacture every single part of our fiber optic connectors, including ferrules, at our Headquarters in Switzerland.

For those products and materials that we do not manufacture and process ourselves, we consider local or national suppliers whenever possible. This approach has enabled Diamond to produce orders with known quality standards and deliver them on time to our customers even during these difficult times.

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    Preparation of an online course

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