About Us

DIAMOND is a worldwide leader in supplying high precision fiber optic solutions and has been serving successfully several markets for over 30 years. Also, Diamond is known as a dynamic and innovative company, able to develop reliable, customized components and equipment, in response to the increasingly demanding customer requirements.

The company's products have won loyal acceptance from users around the globe because it is our express goal to meet the highest demands of our customers. Our status as the preferred supplier at numerous leading telecom systems manufacturers attests to the soundness of this strategy.

In addition to its broad array of standard products, Diamond is renowned as a dynamic, innovative partner, able to develop custom-tailored solutions in response to customer demands. 

The demand for diversification led Diamond into the exciting, growth-intensive field of fiber optics, where the company quickly established an internationally-recognized reputation as an innovator. Diamond is the world's leading manufacturer of high-precision fiber optic products, and successfully serves several markets of numerous countries worldwide.