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DIAMOND has been providing high performance interconnect solutions to the medical industry for many years. Our Active Core Alignment (ACA) process is a unique manufacturing technique used in the production of our connectors and fiber optic components that minimizes fiber-to-fiber eccentricity between connector ferrules resulting in a dramatic reduction of insertion loss (IL). The ACA process can be applied to any type of fiber and results in high return loss (RL) and low IL.

DIAMOND supplies a range of customized solutions to meet specific customer requirements in terms of sterilizability, magnetic field compatibility, constraints, opto-mechanical performance, reliability and traceability. Our knowledgeable staff is experienced in adapting different technologies to accommodate specific customer needs. Our in-house capabilities include design, development, manufacturing and fiber-optic testing.

DIAMOND’s ISO 7 Cleanroom is suitable for manufacturing, testing and packaging products in a controlled environment.

E-2000® EtO-Sterilization Proof Connection with optional IP-65 Protection

The DIAMOND E-2000® EtO/IP 65 connection is based on the Standard
E-2000® connector and mating adapter, but incorporates some additional parts that provide an excellent sealed optical connection.

This solution is available for all standard multimode (MM), single-mode (SM), physical contact (PC) / angle-polished connectors (APC), Polarization Maintaining (PM), Power Solution SM/MM and visible light (VIS) / near-infrared (NIR) short wavelength interfaces.

The DiaLink Fiber-Optic Connector

DIAMOND offers the “user-friendly” DiaLink connector utilizing push-pull technology for easy handling with protected end-faces to reduce the need for cleaning.  Moreover, the small diameter circular profile of the connector allows for the design of smaller medical devices and the integration within rotary joints, which require a well-balanced connector necessary to manage vibrations.

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