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  • Backbone: reliable fiber optic connections for essential transmission points

Malfunctions or failures in optical backbone networks are the nightmare of any network operator and can result in nerve-wracking and often costly repairs. For this reason, reliable connectors with consistent optical performance under varying environmental conditions are critical to the operation and performance of backbone systems. Every lost photon heats the system unnecessarily and thus reduces component reliability.  Insertion loss, return loss and the ability to withstand high power densities are decisive criteria that should be considered when selecting the suitable connector.

For more than 30 years, the Swiss company Diamond SA, has increasingly specialized in developing and manufacturing high-quality connectors for a wide variety of applications. As a vertically integrated company, all products are consistently manufactured in Switzerland and tested using controlled processes and only high-quality materials. Diamond SA has also developed various technologies that are unrivalled worldwide and therefore guarantee unparalleled transmission quality. For example, Diamond SA’s Active Core Alignment (ACA) core centering technology minimizes fiber ferrule concentricity down to the reference level. During this process, the endface is deformed after the fiber has been polymerized in place, in order to center the fiber core with the mechanical axis of the ferrule.

Like the well-known Diamond E-2000® connector, the F-3000® contains many of the same well-known and appreciated product features making it ideal for critical backbone applications. In addition, an automatic metal cover provides reliable protection against contamination. Furthermore, the F-3000® has recently been standardized as an LF3 connector according to IEC, ensuring mechanical compatibility with the LC connector.

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