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Same but different...

... a copy is never as good as the original




In response to a customer request in 1992, Diamond was tasked with developing a fiber optic connector based on the existing DIN connector, but with an integrated protective cap, push-pull mechanism and mechanical coding, as well as, constructed of high quality plastic.

A team of engineers set to work and within just a few months designed and developed the connector that is now known as the E-2000®. Initially, the connector was called Europa 2000, a name that was shortened to "E-2000®" for simplicity's sake and in response to demand from all over the world. Diamond then patented the connector and had its name protected. 

The difference is in the details

Instead of the widely used Monoblock ferrules, Diamond exclusively uses ceramic ferrules with titanium inserts, a composite ferrule, for its connectors. Together with Diamond’s patented Active Core Alignment (ACA) process, which perfectly centers the fiber core on the axis of the ferrule, the insertion loss values are reduced to a minimum. By controlling the tolerances of fiber core eccentricity and angular misalignment, Diamond is able to determine an optical performance class with guaranteed attenuation values within the 0.1db class and also applies to any randomly combined connectors of this quality class.

Thanks to its characteristics, the E-2000® connector already excelled in the nineties with unprecedented values and was thus the perfect answer to the increasing demand for precision and first-class transmission values.

A new star is born

A number of other features contributed to the E-2000® suddenly becoming world-famous and still being one of the most successful connectors in fiber optic technology.  Among other attributes, Diamond also guarantees the traceability of all its connectors. In addition, the compatibility of the E-2000® connectors has been guaranteed over the years, i.e. the connectors are one hundred percent interchangeable.

Diamond is also one of the few manufacturers of reference cables. Fiber optic reference connectors are manufactured with the lowest tolerances and are used for attenuation measurement; they are considered a component of the measuring equipment because they make a significant contribution to decreasing measurement uncertainties.

Same but different

The low insertion loss values, which can be controlled and constantly guaranteed thanks to the Active-Core-Alignment (ACA) process, are often copied, but unrivalled. In addition, all Diamond connectors are manufactured and inspected in Switzerland using clearly defined processes and only high-quality materials.

The originality of the Diamond E-2000® connector can be easily determined by looking at the ferrule. If a silvery glossy insert can be seen in the middle of the surface of the ferrule, you can be sure that it is an original connector from Diamond.

Only the E-2000® from Diamond is available as an original.

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