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V-FT Solutions

Diamond offers vacuum feedthrough (V-FT) solutions for a large range of optical fiber and adaptors. The V-FT integrates a standard 2.5mm ferrule permanently sealed in a normalized CF flange that can incorporate a variety of adaptors. The obtained feedthrough benefits from a very low leak rate the VF-T can be ordered for many types of fiber, including SM, MM, PM, large core MM and others.

Benefits include:

  • Compact, robust and stable solution(s) with variety of options;
  • Low loss performance ;
  • High Return Loss (RL) performance;
  • Low leakage rate;
  • User friendly engineered for easy installation.


Our Vacuum solutions
  • V-FT on CF DN16 flange on the vacuum side, with a copper gasket groove  and exiting FC connector pigtail.
  • V-FT on CF DN16 flange equipped with FC interface on the atmospheric side and FC connector pigtail on the vacuum side.
  • Multi-channel system using CF DN16 flanges and commercial multi-port cube. The above represented system exhibits 4 V-FT flanges fastened to the cube.
    The end of the long tube would be fixed on the vacuum chamber.
    (4 flanges, 4 fibers can be inside this component within the vacuum chamber).

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