• Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA)

High Quality Fiber Optic Interconnect Solutions For Your 5G Network

Diamond fiber optic connectivity solutions are well suitable to the modern Fiber To The Antenna (FTTA) deployments, like the 4G/5G network fronthauls. Diamond fiber optic connectivity solutions, have high reliability in outdoor environments, as well as mechanical lightness and compactness. They therefore combine high material quality and mechanical precision with top optical performances in terms of Insertion Loss, Return Loss and connection reliability. Furthermore, their modularity allows customer tailored solutions that simplify the whole connection layout.

Our FTTA solution at a glance

HE-2000® low insertion and return loss multi-channel FTTA  hybrid connector

  • Active Core Alignment (ACA) process
  • Glove-proof push-pull layout
  • Single Mode or Multimode optical fiber
  • High optical power option
  • 8° termination option
  • Copper contacts up to size 20 AWG
  • IP 67
  • Suitable for 5G technology

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DiaFlex MT Multi Fiber

Fiber aggregator between the antenna Remote Radio Heads (RRH) and the Base Station Cabinet (BSC). Its multi-channel structure allows parallel links connection at one-click.

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OLiD Network Monitoring System

OLiD Network Monitoring System is the ideal solution to track the whole FTTA connection status by a single operator at the base station, without the needing to get on the antenna.

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