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AVIM® Family Fiber Optic Connectors

The AVIM® connector is born in mid 1990’s as a vibration resistant connector for avionics and space application. Since then, the evolution of these connectors has been driven by harsh environment applications, especially for Aerospace and Naval applications.In a first step, AVIM® has been adapted to Naval applications, then by 2009, a lighter and rugged version was commissioned for a Mars rover, the Mini AVIM®. This connector has been used in various application due to its exceptional environmental resistance characteristics, and to its high end optical performance benefitting from Diamond unique ferrule designs and technologies. An intermediate version, the Midi AVIM® is coming to complete this family of shock and vibration resistant small single channel fiber optic connectors. In the next pages, you will discover the different applications where these products are deployed, a description of Diamonds Space Grade process for Flight models that must follow the European Space Agency standards and the various products themselves, as well as tools and services provided by Diamond.



AVIM® is a registered trademark of DIAMOND SA in the European Union, USA, and other countries.