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Patchpanel accessories for cable management

The Diamond flexPatch accessories can help to ensure a clear and optimally arranged fibre management system. The accessories organise the excess cable lengths and feeds according to individual customer requirements. Here, all fibre optic parameters are adhered to in order to ensure the best performance. Various Diamond components can be combined with the 19” flexPatch cable sealing terminal for different applications and depending on the existing infrastructure. As well as the fold-out cable entry straps in the base box, the 180° cable entry can be used for fan-out cables, for example.

The fan-out splitter can be clicked into place and the strain can be relieved. This feed, also anthracite grey and powdered, can be installed in a rotated state if required, depending on whether the cables are feed from the left or from the right. These 180° cable entries are available for the various fan-out splitter sizes or as a version for use with a metric fairlead including locking nut. Alternatively, a multi-feed with accompanying blanking plugs or angled feed of 30° can be applied at the back of the flexPatch.

There are further cable strain relief systems available for diaflex, break-out and loose cables. We also recommend additional rodent protection to reduce the holes for the fold-out fable feeds. As well as the flexPatch components, additional 19” patch cable guides 1RU and patch cable excess drawers 1 RU, with or without guide brackets as well as 19” cable storage system 1RU are available. In the case of differing cabinet profile widths, conversion sets can be used to make the 19” components fit the ETSI width.

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