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    Optelcon Revos E-2000

Media converter for industrial environment

The optelcon® from DIAMOND is not just a very compact media converter, but a high-tech product made out of the most high-quality materials. High-performance and unbelievably simple to install and use. A new generation of media converter which can be used everywhere.

It consists of a compact Ethernet media converter and pre-assembled fibre optic cables with single-mode or multi-mode fibres.

The optelcon® is an opto-electronic media converter designed for flexible use. A large advantage is its very compact form of just 100 x 60 x 60 mm (LxWxH). This allows easy, convenient mounting, for example in a cabinet wall with a thickness up to 4 mm and affords IP65 protection. A M50 cutout is needed. 

The fibre optic connector is the revos E-2000 2-channel outdoor connector. Its robust design also achieves IP65 protection, making it optimally suited for exterior use as well as industrial applications. The electrical interface is a RJ45 connector with a transmission rate of 10 / 100 Mbit/s.

As the bushing for the fibre optic cable points outwards, the pre-assembled cables can be connected easily. In this way, the optelcon – unlike classic media converters – permits a flexible connection of machines and mobile applications.

The optelcon® is immediately ready-to-use according to the plug-and-play principle and does not require further settings or configurations.

Coloured LEDs provide information about the operating mode and help to identify errors.

You can find more information about revos E-2000 connectors in the revos E-2000 datasheet under the section “Patch Cables and Mating Adapters / Harsh Environments”.