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    Fusion Crocodile (SOC)

Fusion crocodile splice on Connectors

The Diamond FUSION solution allows you to quick and easily make field terminations with the performance you expect from Diamond-quality connectors. The key to this system is DIAMOND’s advanced "crocodile alberino" 2.5mm fusion field ferrule assembly. The ferrule assembly consists of a factory-terminated fibre end face, fibre stub, and integrated splice protection. The fibre end face is core-centred via Diamond’s well-known Active Core Alignment process and factory-polished to the company’s precise specifications. The Fusion crocodile connector is then field terminated via a low loss fusion splice using the new Diamond ZEUS D50 Fusion Field Termination Kit. The FUSION connectors are available for SM and MM fibre (250μm, 600μm and 900μm) and cable (1.6-to 3.1 mm) in both 0° PC or 8° APC versions.

The termination is simple and fast and needs no glue.

Particular cable types may be tested and accommodated upon request.

The ZEUS D50 Fusion Field Termination Kit provides all necessary tools and instructions for terminating DIAMOND`s fusion splice on connector E-2000TM , F-3000TM, SC, FC and ST™.