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    Micro AVIM™

Space fiber optic connector

In order to ensure the highest technical performance, along with an optimum solution for high density packaging, DIAMOND has developed the Diamond Micro AVIM™. This new connector is based on the Diamond DMI connector, but with titanium components. The Micro AVIM™ is identical to the Mini AVIM™ in terms of termini, but uses a different locking mechanism.

Due, in part, to its minimal space requirement, this connector system is an ideal solution for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) applications, as well as, a high quality interface between active and passive components of fiber optic installations. As such, it has been used to replace splices in some applications, improving the modularity at a low budget impact or allowing dissimilar fiber connections that are too difficult to fusion splice together.

Micro AVIM™ connectors are based on standard ø2.5 mm ferrules and are aligned precisely in rotation. Therefore, they can be used for both standard SM and MM fibers, as well as, for PM, PS and multi-fiber optical interfaces.