• Fiber optic solutions

    Mini AVIM™

Small and light internal space fiber optic connector

The Mini AVIM™ connector has been developed for Exomars rover, as a smaller and lighter version of the heritage AVIM™ space connector. The Mini AVIM™ combines two leading edge technologies: the AVIM™ MIL-style ratchet system and the base construction of Diamond Micro Interface (DMI) connector.

The Mini AVIM™ is precisely aligned in axial rotation and therefore it can be used for both standard SM and MM fibers, as well as for PM technologies and multi-fiber ferrules. Our Power Solution (PS) technology can also be applied to this connector.

ESCC 3420/001 Detail specification allow to configure a Mini AVIM™ assembly. ESCC certificate 355 defines which of these variants are qualified. This connector is now the standard solution and only maintained qualified solution for ESA space application.