• Fiber optic solutions

    E-2000™ Family

E-2000™ family fiber optic connector solutions

Thanks to its excellent technology in terms of the mechanical and optical interfaces, the E-2000™ connector family is the best choice for most standard and most customer applications. This goes along with the constantly increasing customer requirements. The E-2000™ connector family includes Simplex, Compact and Backplane connector and adaptor parts, as well as a large selection of network accessories, attenuators, hybrid adapters, transition adapters, terminators, reflectors and receptacles. Diamond’s two-component ferrule with a zirconium-ceramic sleeve and a titanium insert permits the deformation for active core alignment (ACA). Changeable coloured and/or mechanically coded housing frames and latches for the clear and secure identification of the transition lines. E-2000™ components can be sterilised in accordance with EtO, can optionally be fitted with an O-ring seal in accordance with protective class IP65 (protection against dust and protection against water projected from a nozzle from any angle) and fulfil today's biomedical technology requirements for safety, reliability and quality, which are also necessary in applications with special environmental conditions.


  • PS optical interfaces: PS Collimated, PSf Free Space, PM-PS, PSi Free Standing, PSm Multi-mode, PSc Collimator Systems
  • Polarisation-maintaining (PM)
  • VIS/NIR for low wavelengths and small core fibres
  • Optical Line Identification OLiD connections
  • E-2000™ FUSION for simple field assembly of MM and SM fibres