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    E-2000™ Family

E-2000™ family fiber optic connector solutions

Thanks to its different technologies, mechanical and optical interfaces, the E-2000™ fiber optic connector family can cover the most standard and customized requirements in response to the increasingly customer demands. The family includes: simplex, compact and backplane connectors and adapters, as well as a series of network accessories such as: attenuators, hybrid adapters, transition adapters, terminators, reflectors and receptacles.


The E-2000™ Simplex offers unparalleled 0.1 dB maximum insertion loss random mating, exceptional repeatability, while maintaining the already well established, superior features of the E-2000™ connector family.


The E-2000™ COMPACT DUPLEX combines the familiarity of the RJ45 design and the optical performances of the E-2000™ simplex connector. It is based on components of the E-2000™ simplex version and is joined by a simple clip-bridge and a widened thumb-latch. The E-2000™ COMPACT is the ideal solution for applications where an increasing number of cabling installations is required, typically to support multimedia environments including voice, data and image transmission. 


The E-2000™ Backplane combines the advantages of the E-2000™ SYSTEM and an optimal guiding mechanism for secure backplane connection. When mated, the PCB connector is retained in the mating adapter eliminating all stress on the PC Board. It uses the common components of the E-2000™ Simplex version which are joined by a simple clip-bridge which includes a radial, angular and longitudinal compensation. 


DIAMOND presents a novel, reliable, and high-quality E-2000™ fiber optic connector and mating adapter with an integrated electrical circuit breaker. This is very useful in many laser systems where it is preferred to block the emission by means of an external shutter rather than, for instance, to alter the internal laser's driving conditions.