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    Optical Sensor Assemblies

Integrated solutions for fiber optic sensors

Diamond provides integrated solutions for distributed and punctual fiber optic sensors. Diamond interconnect solutions allow the integration of fiber optic sensors with high sensitivity and low optical losses for various types of environments. Their high stability and reliability, together with extremely low insertion and return loss, allow precise monitoring even in harsh environments, where atmospheric agents or vibrations can affect the measurement precision, or in space-avionics applications, where the famous Diamond Mini AVIM™ connector is the only space-grade in the world. Integrated solutions with Fiber Bragg Gratings, special fibers or mirror terminations, miniaturized solutions, cover a wide range of applications in the field of fiber optical sensors.

Diamond ultra-low insertion and return loss interconnect solutions enhance fiber optic sensors sensitivity and measurement repeatability, even in harsh and vibrational environments.

We offer :

  • Ultra-low loss fiber optic sensor assemblies
  • Harsh-environment fiber optic sensor connectors
  • Mini-micro fiber optic sensor interconnect solutions
  • FBG integration
  • Special fibers interconnect solutions for distributed optical sensors
  • Strain gauges,
  • Optical sensors embedded in composite materials integration
  • Fiber optic sensors terminations
  • Fiber optic sensors custom, high precision mechanical supports