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Alberino Patch

The ALBERINO pigtails and connectors are pre-assembled products which allow the customer to freely select the connector type without a loss in quality for the final assembly. The ALBERINO pigtails and connectors are manufactured in accordance with the same production processes as standard connectors and pigtails and thus fulfill the same high quality standards. The large selection of housings for various plug types allows for a very individual use of the Alberino plugs.  As the connector type can only be selected and assembled when your customer orders from you, you can reduce your storage costs to a minimum. With just one connector version, up to 10 different connector combinations are possible. The big advantage here is that you can reduce your storage costs to a minimum.  

The assembly of the connector body has been optimized and simplified, which means that anyone can carry out this work with the appropriate assembly tools. 


Laser manufacturers, fitters, systems manufacturers, system integrators, telecommunications, CATV, LAN, etc.


- Assembled connectors

- Alberino set (must be manufactured with Diamond tools)


The patch cable/pigtail structure is based on the following components:

- PC or APC pre-polished "Alberino" for: E-2000™, SC, FC or ST™ connectors


- Alberino – PC assembled

- Alberino – APC assembled

- Sleeve material: zirconium dioxide/metal insert

- Cable boot: standard 900 μm – 3.0 mm

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