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Developed in the 1990's for aerospace application and compatible with the DIN LSA connector, the AVIM® is a multipurpose Commercial Off-The-Shelf fiber optic connector offering high optical performance and capable in dynamic environments of mobile platforms, including avionics and especially space flight.

These connectors are compatible with the widest range of optical fibers, including singlemode (SM), multimode (MM), polarization maintaining (PM) and other fibers of different core/cladding sizes, multi-fiber ferrule and multi-core fibers.

High performance in the form of lowest insertion loss provided by Diamond’s unique Active Core Alignment termination process as well as high return loss for the most demanding, high bandwidth transmission systems.

  • Low IL thanks to Active Core Alignment (A.C.A.)
  • High return loss thanks to Diamond polishing technique and A.C.A
  • Miniaturized MIL-style ratchet system with high vibration/shock resistance
  • Unique AVIM® 2-piece cleanable adapter for easy cleaning and maintenance access
  • IEC 61754-3 100% compatible with LSA (DIN) standard

The AVIM® has been successfully submitted to evaluation tests according to ESCC 2263420 and qualified. Diamond internal qualification standards as shown in QTR-064 will cover this product in the future.

Product Variation
  • Terminated connector (commercial or space grade and space qualified) against ESCC 3420
  • Multi-fiber custom connector set and assembled terminations
  • Mating adapters (commercial, space qualified)



AVIM® is a registered trademark of DIAMOND SA in the European Union, USA, and other countries.

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