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    Large entry point for optical components


The BEP-2 (building entry point) from Diamond SA allows for clean splice storage of optical components. Up to twelve splice trays can be stored in the housing for up to twelve utilisation units, allowing a maximum splice storage of 144 fibres. 

The foldable and lockable lid, as well as the swivel-out trays, mean that the building entry point is easily accessible for splicing work.

The housing is made of robust plastic, the lockable function offers protection from dust and water (IP55). It is very easy to handle and can easily be fastened to the wall. This means that the BEP-2 can also be used in harsh environments without any problems. 

Cable entries can be knocked out individually. Cables fed into the box are secured with cable ties, which also serve to relieve strain on the cables. 

The cable gland can be equipped with a rubber strip on the inside.

As an option, an F-3000™ Simplex mating adapter with a small assembly angle (sheet) and self-cutting screws can be attached to the housing.

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