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    F-3000® Interconnect Family

LC compatible fiber optic connector solutions

Based on various ferrule technologies, as well as, mechanical and optical interfaces, the Diamond F-3000® connector is a widely used and appreciated solution. The product family includes a complete range of connectors, adapters and network accessories, such as attenuators, hybrid adapters, transition adapters, terminations and reflectors.

The F-3000® is a fiber optic "small form factor" connector utilizing a 1.25 mm ferrule. The Diamond F-3000® family is designed according to the international IEC 61 754-28 standard and is LC standard compatible.

Features and strengths
  • Automatic protective cap
    implifies handling
    Durable protection against scratches and debris
  • Excellent mechanical and optical performances
    Minimization of losses and reflections
  • High quality standards
    Constant reliability
    Reliable testing processes
  • Long component life
    High performance materials
    Minimization of long-term failures
  • Large product portfolio
    Variants for telecommunication, laser, photonics and markets in harsh environments

The difference is in the detail

The protective cap feature of the Diamond F-3000® connector opens and closes automatically when the patch cable is mated and de-mated. It not only protects the contact surface from scratches and debris, but also protects the User from any emitted laser beam light.

By using Diamond's two-component ferrule, in conjunction with our proprietary Active Core Alignment technology (ACA), performance is significantly improved in terms of insertion loss (IL) (typically < 0.1 dB; max. 0.15 dB for the single-mode "Low IL" version) and return loss RL (< 85 dB for the APC single-mode version).

In addition, the Diamond two-component ferrule offers the possibility to assemble special optical fibers with non-standard diameters (from 80 μm to 280 μm) or to use the Diamond Multi-Fiber technology (several fibers in a single ferrule).

More about the technology


Product composition

  • Patch cord
  • Pigtail
  • Fan Out
  • Break Out
  • Adapter
  • Cable termination
  • Fiber Distribution Boxes

Fiber types

  • Singlemode fibers
  • Multimode fibers OM1 - OM5
  • Fibers with large core >50µm
  • Fibers with small core <8µm
  • Multicore fibers
  • Combination of several fibers
  • Polarization Maintaining fibers (Panda, bow tie, etc.)

Plug and adapter technology

  • Connector type F-3000® Simplex, Duplex, Version S, Version Lift, Backplane
  • Ferrule geometry PC 0°, APC 8°, APC 4°
  • Color coding for connector body, unlocking lever, bend protection, center piece
  • Optical values Low IL 0.15dB max. or other



Available Versions

F-3000® (Standard Simplex and Duplex) F-3000® s
F-3000® OM4 F-3000® Lift
F-3000® low loss F-3000® s Lift
F-3000® Backplane F-3000® PS
F-3000® Fusion F-3000® OLiD
F-3000® PM F-3000® HE


F-3000® is a registered trademark of DIAMOND SA in the European Union, USA, and other countries.

  • F-3000® Interconnect Family
    F-3000® Standard Simplex
  • F-3000® Interconnect Family
    F-3000® Duplex
  • F-3000® Interconnect Family
    F-3000® OM4
  • F-3000® Interconnect Family
    F-3000® low loss
  • F-3000® Interconnect Family
    F-3000® Backplane
  • F-3000® Interconnect Family
    F-3000® Fusion
  • F-3000® Interconnect Family
    F-3000® PM
  • F-3000® Interconnect Family
    F-3000® s
  • F-3000® Interconnect Family
    F-3000® Lift
  • F-3000® Interconnect Family
    F-3000® s Lift
  • F-3000® Interconnect Family
    F-3000® PS
  • F-3000® Interconnect Family
    F-3000® OLiD
  • F-3000® Interconnect Family
    F-3000® HE

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