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    F-3000™ Backplane

F-3000™ Backplane fiber optic connector

The F-3000™ BACKPLANE is a system of detachable coupled connectors for fiber optic cabling on the back panel of the cabinet or on equipment.

The F-3000™ BACKPLANE combines the recognized advantages of the F-3000™ system with an optimized guiding mechanism to ensure secure connections on the back panel. When pushed in, the plug connector is secured in the coupling. Any forces applied to the plug-in card are thus eliminated.

Any standard F-3000™ connector can be integrated by simply swapping out the lock lever and clicking the connector into the system frame of the rear panel, whether it’s single or multi-mode, PC or APC, or even the “Low IL” version. Frames for 2 and 4 individual connectors are available. The couplings can be fastened to the rear panel with screws.

The F-3000™ BACKPLANE satisfies all the requirements for the applications mentioned above and offers the following: 

  • Active push-pull protection
  • Long pre-centering rail for repetitive plug-ins and increased stability
  • Colour housing
  • Rear panel modules for integration in a metric rear panel system
  • Coupling with spring metal protector
  • Connector with integrated metal protective cover
  • DIAMOND bi-component adapter, the only of its kind, Ø1.25 mm
  • Base 6.25mm (like the F-3000™ DUPLEX), which facilitates measurement and diagnostics.

For further information or specific configuration data, please contact your DIAMOND advisor or contact us via the “Request an offer” form, available on-line on this site.

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