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    F-3000™ Simplex

F-3000™ Simplex SFF LC compatible fiber optic connector

The related telecommunications and optical technologies are developing at a great pace. To be able to respond to future demands, the F-3000™ range of small form factor (SFF) connectors has been developed.

The SFF components allow for assembly which is similar to the RJ-45 design type. Through our experiences and positive results with the Diamond E-2000 connector, the F-3000™ combines its countless recognized and appreciated characteristics with the SFF design type.

In addition, the F-3000™ is compatible with LC standards, allowing for a wide variety of applications in existing systems, plus the individual system solutions - PM (polarisation-maintaining) versions, Power Solution (high-power), PM-PS (high-power polarisation-maintaining), version for on-site fusion splicing, etc. Just like its predecessor (the E-2000™), the F-3000™ connector has a low-loss version available with less insertion loss, called the F-3000™ “Low IL”, for high performance applications (IL < 0.1 dB type / RL > 85 dB). The F-3000™ simplex connectors are available in standard single-mode PC and APC variants and in a “Low IL” PC and APC version. They are of course also available in a multi-mode version with PC or APC polishing types, as well as in special customized versions (multi-fibers and fibers with non-standard diameters from 80 to 280 µm).

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