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    2 Units fiber interconnect patchpanel


The DIAMOND 19ʺ Future Box 2 RU cable sealing terminal guarantees the simplest installation process in the splice or connector versions for pre-assembled cables. The box offers the best fibre management with the highest packing density while adhering to all fibre optic parameters.

The Future Box 2 RU consists of an anodised aluminium base box, a removable drawer with guide rails and a matching front panel with the desired E-2000 or F-3000 mating adapters with up to 96 channels. Up to eight splice trays with pigtails can be added to the splice version. The front panel has screen printed numbered ports and additional description strips for individual labelling.

Two back and two side cable entries allow an individual strain relief system, for example with a break-out cable via a metric fairlead. With the cable catch for a break-out cable, the remaining openings can be fitted with a rodent protection system. The box can be embedded by 60 mm depending on the fastening profile. This box was designed with a lockable drawer which can be tilted by 30° to simplify assembly.

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