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    Managed SFP Switch 28 Port

Layer 2+ Access Switch Gigabit 28 SFP

The DIAMOND Gigabit Layer-2 19" is designed for use in fibre optic based networks (FTTO or FTTD). Thanks to its high packing density and flexible ports, it is the perfect solution for central distribution points that require a large number of fiber optic connections.

The switch has 20x Gigabit SFP ports, 4x combo ports with RJ-45/SFP and 4x 10 Gigabit uplink ports (SFP+).  

The switch perfectly combines cost-efficiency and performance while also supporting IEEE802.3ah MAC Layer OAM, IEEE802.1ag Ethernet CFM, ITU-T Y.1731 Ethernet OAM Performance Monitoring, ITU-T G.8031 Ethernet Linear Protection, and ITU-T G.8032v2 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching.

It also has the usual security features in the form of QoS, VLANs, RSTP, Link Aggregation and IEEE Standard 802.1X authentication and supports all relevant standards, such as IEEE 802.3/u/x/z/ab/ae.

The device is also ideally suited for Fiber To The Office (FTTO) projects. It can be used to build efficient, high-performance and excellently managed fibre optic based corporate networks. The device can be administered and configured in a user-friendly way via the RS-232 console port, an extensive web management interface, or via SNMP. The power supply layout is redundant, making it possible to run the device off both alternating (100 to 230 V AC) and direct current (48 V DC).

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