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    Managed, energy-saving SFP switch

Layer-2 Switch Gigabit Eco-Friendly

The high-performance Gigabit layer 2 eco-switches with 28 ports can be used in diverse applications and offer a high level of reliability with simplified management. 

A 24 copper port version is available with 4 combo ports (copper/SFP) as well as a 24 SFP port version with 4 combo ports (copper/SFP). The model with SFP ports is the perfect solution for central distribution points which require a large number of fibre-optic connections.

These switches allow stacking. Up to 24 switches can be managed via one IP address, even over larger distances. In this way, a large number of ports can be managed with the same effort as just one switch.

In order to meet today’s ecological requirements, the energy consumption for an eco-friendly switch has been reduced compared to a standard device. The operating noises have also been reduced.

Extensive functions such as link aggregation, VLANs, QoS (Quality of Service), STP/RSTP/MSTP, IGMP snooping, authentication and more are supported. The jumbo Ethernet frames are also supported, which allow a higher throughput of time-critical data.

The device can be managed and configured in a user-friendly manner as well as via CLI (Command-Line Interface), via a web management interface or via SNMP. 

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