• Fiber optic solutions

    Midi AVIM™

Titanium compact cable fiber optic connector

The Midi AVIM™ connector has been developed following the AVIM™ and Mini AVIM™ market feedback. It is smaller and lighter than the AVIM™ connector and easier to manipulate than the Mini AVIM™ thanks to its compatibility with re-enforced cable.

The AVIM™ antirotation system and the base construction of Diamond Micro Interface (DMI) connector are the design base of the Midi AVIM™.


  • IEC 61755-3, -4 Titanium – Ceramic PC and APC composite ferrule
  • Diamond Mini AVIM™ mating adapter


Compact, small and lightweight

  • Low loss due to Diamond Active Core Alignment
  • High return loss due to Diamond polishing technique
  • Miniaturized MIL-style ratchet system with vibration/shock tolerance to 35 grms
  • Titanium – ZrO2 material for ultra low CTE mismatch
  • 100% compatible with Mini AVIM™ mating adapters


Compact, small and lightweight

  • Terminated connector
  • Connector set (To be terminated with Diamond special equipment for AVIM™ connectors)
  • PM technology terminated connector
  • PS technology terminated connector
  • Multi-fiber custom connector set and assembled terminations
  • Mating adapters
  • Commercial “First Class” or Enhanced grade
  • Flight Model Lot Screening and Lot Acceptance Test upon requests