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    Mode Conditioning Patchcords for DMD minimizing

Mode Conditioning

Mode conditioning patchcords (MCP) are used to reduce differential mode delay (DMD) which can occur when laser sources with single-mode characteristics are coupled at the center of a multi-mode fiber. The use cases for the MCP include 1310 nm Gigabit Ethernet applications (1000 BASE-LX) or when a 1310 nm single-mode transceiver is integrated into an existing multi-mode optical network. A mode conditioning patchcord reduces the effect of signal attenuation through differential mode delay by coupling the laser source outside the center of the multi-mode fiber. We generally achieve this result through eccentric splicing in the transfer channel (Tx) of a duplex patch cable between a single-mode fiber and a multi-mode fiber.

But the DIAMOND solution does not need any additional splicing!

We apply our outstanding possibilities to pierce the surface of a ferrule with highly accurate eccentricity. The DIAMOND Mode Conditioning Patchcord has the same mechanical characteristics and offers the same dependability as the standard Diamond patchcords. Thanks to the elimination of splicing and the introduction of required safety measures, the system is even more reliable and as a result, simpler to use than conventional solutions.

The DIAMOND Mode Conditioning patchcords are available for nearly any type of connector with a ferrule diameter of 2.5 or 1.25 mm, as well as for common multi-mode fibers (50 and 62.5 μm). Customer-specific configurations or other types of fibers, such as attenuation fibers, can be manufactured, depending on the requirements.

The specifications of the DIAMOND MCP are in line with those of IEEE802.3.

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