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    ODVA F-3000™

F-3000 ODVA EN 50516-2-1 fiber optic connector system

The F-3000™ ODVA connector system is available in arobust, IP protection class 67 (protection against dust and protection against water for temporary immersion of 30 minutes), impact-resistant housing in accordance with VG 50516-2-1 and has extraordinary optical characteristic values. The resistant structure makes it possible to use the system in antenna feeders, industrial applications, laboratory environments, food processing plants and other harsh environments such as: field station communication systems, mobile diagnostics devices, networks in industrial environments and installations for machine monitoring where information must be transmitted with high data speeds or with a high level of reliability over vast distances in a harsh environment.

The F-3000™ ODVA adapter includes a F-3000™ Duplex mating adapter (PC or APC version), which combines the advantages of an automatic metal screen and a highly precise zirconium (ceramic) alignment sleeve. The ODVA connector is available in versions for MM, SM, (PC/APC) and small-wired single mode fibres, polarisation-maintaining fibres (PM). Power Solution (PS) plug-in systems were developed for high-performance applications of up to 3 Watt optical power, as well as other special fibres.

The Diamond terminations can be spliced in the field using the Diamond ZEUS D50 RU fusion splicing device. This makes repairs during running operation and customer-specific assembly no problem at all.  The digital video inspection microscope kit and a cleaning set help to prevent contamination, as this is usually the most frequent cause of problems in optical networks. Proactive inspection and cleaning of the FO connectors can prevent a worsening of the signal performance, damage to equipment and network failure times.

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