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Reliable office switches

A network switch is an essential tool for office applications. A switch enables reliable and fast communication between computers and other devices. Office switches can also improve network security by controlling traffic and preventing sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

Diamond offers a complete line of Ethernet switches for a variety of applications and connectivity interfaces, from twisted pair to Diamond E-2000® fiber. The Diamond Office Switch family includes Ethernet switches of various types with different form factors, sizes and numbers of ports.

A special feature is that all models are equipped with one or more fibre optic connections. This means that the office switches can be connected in simplex or duplex cabling. This enables a very wide range of applications, even in large companies.

Depending on the requirements for the extension of an office building or an industrial building, the number of ports on the model will vary. There is therefore a high degree of flexibility for each individual project.

In addition to the office switch products, the Diamond range also includes SFP transceivers with SFP ports for optical communication between the office and the core switch.

These office switches have a proven track record in numerous projects, and experience has shown that using them in conjunction with fibre connections makes the installation more efficient and the network stability can be perfectly adjusted.

5 reasons to choose a Diamond network office switch:

  1. Increase network speed: An office network switch allows bandwidth to be shared between multiple computers. This allows the network to reach a higher speed.
  2. Support different network protocols: An office network switch can support different network protocols required for the network.
  3. Improved data security: An office network switch can keep the communication between different computers secure and increase data security.
  4. Reduce cabling costs: An office network switch can provide a single connection between multiple computers, saving on cabling costs.
  5. Easy to manage: Office network switches are easy to use and manage, making network management easier.

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